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Final Standings for the PIMD  Playdowns
( Final Games 6/27, 6/28 )

Here are the final results for the PIMD Men's Play-Down Pairs held at Rossmoor LBC over the last two weekends.
We started with 9 teams & a bye.
After weekend one there were 6 teams. Those six qualifying teams played a round robin this weekend. The order of finish is listed below.

Because there was a "Tie" for 1st place, both teams having only one loss in the round robin finals. The tie required a full game (18 Ends) to be played to break the tie.

The winner of the tie-breaker represents the PIMD in Long Beach for the Nationals.
That winning team was Tom Burnoski & Daniel Gorelick. The team of Nick Christensen & John Luster will be the alternate team, should Tom & Daniel not be able to play in October.

Congrats to Tom and Daniel.

Bud B.

Daniel Gorelick / Tom Burnoski  1 Tie
Nick Christensen / John Luster  1 Tie

Larry Collaco / Mike Coiner  3
John Hooper / Cris Benton  4
Robb Pawlak / Jerry Knott  5 Tie
Miguel Roliz / Gerry Roliz  5 Tie

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