Centennial Cup - PIMD4

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2015 Centennial Cup

August 16, 2015, the Collaço sibling team of Larry, Marcy & Oscar
played hard upon a venue of 24 other teams and in an open draw to meet
three 3 top teams to compete against, winning handily the morning game         

and the two afternoon games, to garnish a total of 6 game-win points and
a plus 25 points in scores; thus, taking the first place in this auspicious
The event was well represented by the PIMD, several other Clubs and overseas
visiting bowlers who were invited by the local club members as team mates.
Marcy, the lead was the star player in the team, making it easy for Larry and
Oscar to maintain and save shots as needed.
Their names will be engraved in this Perpetual Trophy under this auspicious date.

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